What Does Sugar Daddy Want?

Sugar daddies. What do they really need from their young and sexy girlfriends?  This tricky question has been whirling in the air for a long time already. At first, one should understand who sugar daddy is: an successful man, looking for a charming and affectionate young girl, who is eager to meet sugar daddy and be obedient to him. He, in return, will invite you to explore the world of luxurious life. Read the following and learn how to behave not to disappoint your mentor.

Your Time

Are you eager to get sugar daddy? Be ready to sacrifice your time for him. If you study at college, you, probably, have a lot of free time, so why not hanging out with a rich man to get a new car or the last Chanel bag?

Your Affection

Men, registered on sugar daddy online sites are not looking for a housewife. They need much attention, love, and affection from a tempting woman. Most of them haven’t received enough love from their wives, so need someone, who’ll treat them tenderly and caress all the time.

Being Always Available for Him

Your daddy is very busy, so when he calls you or texts, he strongly believes you are available – you simply should leave everything and rush to him. Pay attention to this detail otherwise, you’ll not find sugar daddy.

Good Manners

Do not think that all rich daddies are looking only for a sexy girl and don’t care about her brains. In fact, most of them need a polite baby with good manners and knowledge. They need a cultured woman, whom can easily show to the rest of the world.

Classy Look

Are you looking for a sugar daddy to increase your wardrobe? Yes, you can now buy Lous Vuitton, Channels, Gucci, but it doesn’t mean you should look provocative. He wants you to look always impeccable, but with harmony at the same time.

No Talks abt Money

Men from sugar daddy dating sites do not like women, telling them about their debts or any other payments. If you want to establish long-lasting sugar relationship with him, stop talking about cash. Settle the allowance at the very beginning and close this topic. Understand, money is the most common topic in his life, so he needs something different and real.


Don’t know how to find a sugar daddy? It’s really so simple. All you need is brains, good appearance and being open about sex. Yes, all of them want to have intimacy with their young girlfriends and it’s quite normal. So, if you are tempting and know how to seduce and satisfy your daddy, he’ll repay you double.